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Imām al-Ghazālī’s (rh) “Letter to a Disciple” [Part II]

Slideshow Recording Available

**Part I was conducted in May 2016

Letter to a Disciple – May 2016 [Part I]

Recording available for the workshop on Imam Al-Ghazali’s “Letter to a Disciple” (Part 1), here – of which the same workshop on Sept. 25 is a summarizing continuation.


Imam al-Haddad’s (rh) The Book of Assistance


A series of talks in English by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed covering Imam al-Haddad’s (ra) famous work that is widely read and celebrated throughout the world, “The Book of Assistance”.

Past Session Recordings:

Day 1: On Certainty (yaqeen)

Day 2: Intention (niyah) – Vigilance (awareness: hosh)

Day 3: Inner and Outer Self (zahir and batin) – Regular Devotions (i’badaat)

Day 4: Social Duties – Kindness and Charity

Day 5 (Sept. 22): Selected Chapters

Historical, Intellectual and Spiritual Approaches to Islam (Jan 2016)

The recordings of the Annual Winter Islamic Studies Course conducted in Karachi in January 2016 are now available here!


Featured: I’tikaf 1437H/2016 Recordings

Kindly visit I’tikaf 2016 recordings page.

Main post-‘Asr Bayans | Dars-e-Hadith | Short post-Taraweeh Talks | Dars-e-Imaan | And more…

Purification of the Heart: Five short lectures

Five lectures on spiritual diseases of the heart and their cures by Mufti Kamaluddin Ahmed

Topics Covered:

Day 1: Rancor, Pride

Day 2: Displeasure with Blame, Antipathy toward Death

Day 3: Obliviousness to Blessings, Mocking others

Day 4: Battling the Nafs – Stinginess, Love for Praise, Envy, Anger, etc.

Day 5: Comprehensive Treatment for the Heart

*Click here for recordings


*Click here for details

Reference Text: Imām Mawlūd’s “Maṭharat al-Qulūb”

Latest Audio

Recorded Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
21-09-2016 Hajj ka Safr General Talks, Urdu Talks 93' 19"
06-09-2016 02 – Intention – Vigilance The Book of Assistance 65' 39"
28-08-2016 ‘Ujub – Conceit and Arrogance (Urdu) General Talks, Urdu Talks 38' 06"
06-08-2016 Hajj – The Journey of Love (Urdu) Urdu Talks 89' 29"
05-07-2016 Darse Hadith – Kitabur Rija I’tikaf 2016 52' 13"

Recently Uploaded

Title (Click to Play, Right-Click to Download) Categories Length
What is I’tikaf: Opening Session I’tikaf 2016 17' 59"
Perfecting Our Salah I’tikaf 2016 60' 57"
Waldain Ke Adaab I’tikaf 2016 8' 27"
Tark-e-Fuzool I’tikaf 2016 79' 44"
Kitab-us-Sabr – Gardens of the Righteous I’tikaf 2016 47' 10"